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Visa and travel

Visa to Russia

Dear participants!

Citizens of most countries need a visa to enter the Russian Federation.

We strongly recommend that you apply for the Russian visa no later than 2-3 months before the event!

For most EU participants (with the exception of United Kingdom) and some other countries University can issue a free visa invitation:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Check Republic, Sweden, Estonia and China.

This visa invitation is necessary to get a Russian visa in Russian consulates in your countries (along with a set of other documents. Please, check the relevant information at web-sites of Russian consulates in your city

In order to obtain a visa support letter from UNECON please send us (e-mail) as quickly as possible the following data:

  1. Copy of your passport (PDF or JPEG)
  2. Copy of your previous Russian visas (if you have one)
  3. The following pre-filled questionnaire:
    • Last name (as in passport):
    • First name (as in passport):
    • Middle name (if you have one, as in passport):
    • Gender (male/female):
    • Nationality:
    • Place where you are going to apply for the Russian visa (country, city, where the Russian consulate is located)
    • Date of arrival to the Russian Federation (
    • Date of departure from the Russian Federation (
    • Place of birth (country, city):
    • Place of residence (country, city):
    • Place of stay in St. Petersburg (address) :
    • Place of work/study
      - Organization:
      - Address:
      - Position:
      - Length of service :
    • Your e-mail:

Citizens of the CIS (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) don’t need a visa.

Citizens of USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan are recommended to apply for a tourist visa (purpose – business tourism, World Congress of Accounting Historians in St. Petersburg):

Tourist visa is a document which allows foreign citizens to travel on the territory of Russia during a short period. Visa is issued based on a supporting invitation letter issued by a tourist company that hosts the foreign citizen.

Official travel partner of WCAH2020 is Lora Travel Company. Participants may require the visa support letter either from LoraTravel or other convenient operator >>

To apply for a Russian visa it is necessary to provide a full package of documents (including a visa invitation letter) to the consular office of Russia and pay the visa application fee. The package of documents might differ depending on a consular office. However, tourist visa application, original passport and photos are a universal requirement.

Before you apply, contact the Consulate to confirm the original tourist visa invitation is absolutely necessary or a copy will be sufficient. Be prepared that the Consulate officials may ask you to provide medical insurance for the entire duration of the trip to Russia, acquired at a local or national insurance company.

Depending on the Consulate, your tourist visa application can take 1-2 weeks to process. Based on a personal decision of Consul, visa can be granted in 1-2 days.

To enter the Russian Federation every foreign citizen shall have:

• Valid Russian Entry Visa
• Valid passport for entry to the Russian Federation (the expiry date must exceed the planned date of your departure from Russia by 6 months);
• Migration card. You’ll be provided with this form in the airplane or at the airport. Please fill it in and keep with you during your stay in Russia. You will need it upon arrival and departure at the customs.

Your passport and Entry Visa will be checked and verified by a Passport Control Officer upon arrival and departure, at the hotel, when purchasing tickets and when traveling by train, ship, airplane or local/international carriers.

Another possible Visa solution for the citizens of 53 countries listed below, may be a so-called E-Visa implemented since Oct.1, 2019. It is 100% online, free of charge [at least for the time being] and requires no any paperwork with Visa Support docs, Invitation Letters etc etc. Please visit website>> for official E-Visa Application guidelines issued by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please read these guidelines very carefully, because having loads of advantages, E-Visa may include though some potential drawbacks for the Applicant.

Based on the first 10 weeks of E-Visa experience, we are upset to inform that from 2,5% to 7% [weekly data change from time to time] of the visitors with E-Visas were denied entry to Russia and were sent back to their departure airports. The reasons are the mistakes made by the Applicants on the application stage which may not be corrected when the Visitor faces Russian Frontier Guards. Most common mistakes in application are:

  • mistakes in passport numbers and D.O.B.s;
  • mistakes in dates of trip and duration of a stay;
  • mistakes in spelling of the Applicant name. The name should come in full exactly as it comes in the passport!;
  • very peculiar mistake made by the Applicants from the countries where national alphabets include special characters [à, ç, ä, etc etc]. This particular case is described in Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ guidelines in details.

Let me please stress once again: the mistakes made while applying for a E-Visa [mentioned above but not limited to mentioned above] MAY NOT be corrected once the E-Visa Notification is granted and sent to Applicant by email, and will 100% result in a denial of a Visitor’s entry into Russia without a right to complain and/or to claim for costs reimbursement!

Therefore a choice of a E-Visa option may only come at a sole discretion of a Delegate, and it’s consequences are his/her personal responsibility. The OC strongly recommends to go with E-Visa with caution and taking all the above warnings into consideration. Under no circumstances may WCAH ’20 OC and/or Lora Travel Group be held responsible for any unwanted consequences faced by any Delegate as a result of E-Visa application undertaken by the Delegate, including, but not limited to, denial of Delegate’s entry to Russia.

Looking forward to meeting you soon in Saint Petersburg!


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