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Добро пожаловать на WCAH 2020 в Санкт-Петербург!

Saint Petersburg as the most European city of Russia is called the national scientific and cultural capital. The greatest mix of world-famous sights, traditions of Russian hospitality and outstanding scientific schools provide most advantageous environment for effective WCAH work.

In the times of global turbulence such a large-scale event gives the possibility to have a different look at Russia, Russian scientific traditions, accounting culture of Eurasian region. It also allows establishing new cooperation between accounting historians and participating companies, as well as contributing to development of national and international dimensions of accounting history.

The Congress had been already hosted in Belgium, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Japan, Canada, Spain, France, Turkey.

We would like to thank all for choosing to take part in WCAH 2020, held in St. Petersburg State University of Economics, presenting one of the strongest schools of accounting in Russia, and encourage to contribute to this Congress and submit papers. 


Citizens of most countries need a visa to enter the Russian Federation.

We strongly recommend that you apply for the Russian visa no later than 2-3 months before the event!

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Партнёры WCAH 2020


+7 (812) 458-97-30
30-32, Набережная канала Грибоедова, Санкт-Петербург, Россия